Be a Coach

Our vision at is to power how the world does more Good together. provides nonprofits with the technology resources they need to innovate and fulfill their mission. In addition to offering access to the Box cloud content management platform, we believe in the power of Boxers to make these innovations possible.

We're looking for a couple hours of time a month, broken down into 1 hour consultations, to help nonprofits elevate their content strategy and successfully use Box for their needs. You can ensure that their organization is able to thrive and work as one.

Review the following criteria to see if this is the right opportunity for you:

  • You are interested in sharing your Box knowledge with social impact organizations
  • You have a couple hours a month to volunteer
  • You are currently in a customer facing role or are willing to go through training
  • You can commit to helping these organizations by keeping your profile current, responding to requests within 72 hours, and ensuring we blow our customers' minds

If you are interested in becoming a coach, please ping Christina Louie directly via email or Slack. She'll help you get your profile set up and active!

Maru Willson, Creating folder structures. Silver Spring, Maryland, United States