Building a content strategy

  • Bryan Breckenridge San Francisco, California, United States
    Getting started on Box, Building a content strategy

    I'm founding Executive Director of, an integrated social enterprise at Inc. that serves thousands of nonprofits today. In my role I (show more)

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    Interests: Cloud Content Management, Content Strategy Road Map, and Integrations

  • Nobuto - 信人 Taniguchi - 谷口 Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
    Box best practices, Getting started on Box, Building a content strategy, Secure content sharing

    Box Japan

    3年前にBox Japanに入社しました。セールスエンジニアとして業務を行っております。 Boxに入社する前はSFA/CRMビジネスを13年間行っておりましたので、業務プロセスを踏まえた提案、活用支援が可能です。 I've been a part of Box's Sales Engine (show more)

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    Interests: ダイバシティ/インクルージョン, 教育, 人道支援, and 若者支援

  • Sumat Lam Austin, Texas, United States
    Box best practices, Building a content strategy, Deploying Box internally, Getting started on Box

    In a former life as a Customer Advisor at Box, I've had the opportunity to work with many types of business ranging from large Fortune500 companies rol (show more)

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    Interests: onboarding new users, new users, and content strategy

  • Adam Liranzo San Francisco, California, United States
    Getting started on Box, Creating folder structures, Secure content sharing, Building a content strategy


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    Interests: Deployment, Onboarding Admins, and Best Practices

  • John Worrell Denver, Colorado, United States
    Increasing user engagement, Getting started on Box, Deploying Box internally, Building a content strategy

    I am a 6 year veteran of Box, helping customers design solutions to meet their desired outcomes. This involves understanding their expected end state (show more)

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    Interests: Integrations, End User, Strategy, and Deployment