Secure content sharing

  • James Bridgewater Redwood City, California, United States
    Onboarding new users, Getting started on Box, Secure content sharing

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    Interests: Education and Environment

  • Emily Maguire New York City, New York, United States
    Box best practices, Getting started on Box, Secure content sharing, Increasing user engagement

    As a Premier Specialist at Box, I have experience advising some of our customer's most business critical use cases. Whether you're deploying Box for th (show more)

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    Interests: Sync, Drive, Box Tools, External Collaboration, Admin Console, and Security

  • Braden Bell Austin, Texas, United States
    Box best practices, Creating folder structures, Onboarding new users, Secure content sharing

    User Advocate and Customer Advisor ready to assist with your implementation of Box by advising your organization on administration of Box, security and (show more)

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    Interests: admin console, reporting, and sharing content

  • Nobuto Taniguchi Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
    Box best practices, Getting started on Box, Building a content strategy, Secure content sharing

    Box Japan

    I've been a part of Box's Sales Engineer Team in Japan for 2years. Actually, I will focus mainly on Japanese. Because I'm in Japan now and I can help (show more)

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  • Adam Liranzo San Francisco, California, United States
    Getting started on Box, Creating folder structures, Secure content sharing, Building a content strategy


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    Interests: Deployment, Onboarding Admins, and Best Practices